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FunX is the radio station by and for young people. Music is at its core. FunX plays street mixes, a unique blend of mainstream music and musical styles you will only hear at FunX, like Arabic rai, Turkish pop music, Asian underground, latin and lots of reggae/dancehall, but without ignoring Dutch talent. In FunX’s informative programs, young people shape the content as well. Lifestyle and relationships, social issues and culture, each in their own individual way. Welcome to yourself!

FunX listeners

FunX targets teenagers and young adults between 15 to 35, with an emphasis on 15 to 25. Over one quarter in this category have non-Dutch origins: one big melting pot of tastes and cultures. These teenagers and young adults are strongly committed to music, trends and hypes, and so they develop their own style.

FunX style
It’s all about recognition through being recognized. The programs are made for young people by young people. Every city has its local editors and its street reporters can be found in schools, shopping areas and in the club scene where they check out public opinion. With its live programs and website, FunX offers its listeners a platform to express their own ideas and to show their talent to others. Topics such as lifestyle, relationships, social issues and culture are all discussed in a light-hearted and respectful manner.

FunX broadcasting: on the air, cable, online
To get as close as possible to its listeners, FunX has several local editions. In addition to syndicated programs, local productions are aired on a daily basis from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. On top of these local editions, each with their own broadcasting frequency, there is also a national FunX edition on cable. All FunX editions can be listened to using livestream on Surveys have shown that FunX listeners use the internet more often to tune in to its programs.
Listeners of FunX radio use to check out the songs FunX airs and they vote on their favorites for the XChart song charts. Listeners can use the forum to share their opinion about music, love and sex, and sports, but also about politics and hot topics. Every day, the editorial staff supplies fresh content on the website about programs, music, artists and events. FunX members have an edge and are able to preview exclusive content ahead of regular visitors and they can enter more contests and quizzes. For listeners who really want to stay up to date, FunX regularly sends out a newsletter with exclusive info about artists, music, events and more.

Weekly coverage FunX ranked 1
In the 15-24 age category, FunX is still the most popular radio station in the Randstad area since the first survey in 2004.

The station reaches 43 % on a weekly basis. In the young adults category (25-34) FunX ranks second with 19% coverage (Synovate, 2008).

Survey disclaimer
The distribution survey was conducted by Synovate NSS research bureau. About 2000 respondents between 15 and 35 were questioned in private interviews in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. FunX broadcasts in these areas, with local editions tailored to the needs of young listeners in that area. The assessment has shown that the sample survey is representative of the population of young people in the four major cities in terms of age, sex, education and origin.

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